Float Therapy

Float Therapy is freeing yourself of distraction by eliminating external senses which provides a stress-free environment, resulting in total mind-body relaxation

The Float Pod allows you to effortlessly float in Epsom Salt saturated water heated to skin temperature, which in turn eliminates the distractions from the sense of touch. The rooms are light and sound proof, which eliminates the distractions from hearing and sight. 

This unique environment frees you from the stresses of day to day life as it allows you to "shut-off" and recharge. This time can be used to meditate, practice living in the moment, digesting things you have gone through recently, or visualizing things you haven't done yet. Or you can simply have the most relaxing nap you have ever experienced! 

For more info on the benefits of Float Therapy check out the mental and physical benefits that get better with each float.  

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