Float Therapy

Floating Oasis offers Float Therapy and full body massages by a heated zero gravity massage chair, provided in a friendly, open and relaxing atmosphere. We strive to help refresh the body and restore the mind through the unique experience of floating to individuals of all walks of life.

Float therapy (aka Sensory Deprivation or Isolation Tanks) is a pod filled with 1,000 pounds of Epsom Salt (Magnesium Sulfate) dissolved into 12 inches of body temperature water. The solution is 40% salt allowing you to effortlessly float and defy gravity as your body absorbs the Magnesium, which is an anti-inflammatory, a stress reliever and a mineral 80% of our population is deficient in. 

Imagine you’re effortlessly floating in warm water, just like in the Dead Sea and your mind and body has no distractions, so you can completely relax and let go. The Float Pod creates a unique, comfortable, and clean environment for Floating. The experience in the pod is unlike anything else, as you are able to stretch, relax and eliminate external stimuli, such as light, touch, sound, and smell. This allows your body to be few of distraction and enter a deep relaxation state where meditation occurs and the body resets, ultimately creating an abundance of mental and physical benefits

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